Esther Perales-Romero

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A new method for calculating the optimal colors of any linear input device is proposed. The algorithm searches systematically the two types of optimal colors in the R+G+B planes of the device. In this way, the loci of optimal colors associated to the input device can be plotted in its own chromaticity diagram, but also in CIE (human) color spaces. Thus, we(More)
The colour-matching functions of standard observers proposed by the CIE represent the normal colour vision for the worldwide population. But there are deviations in the colour-matching functions for real observers with a normal colour vision, so the observer metamerism index was defined by CIE to evaluate the mismatch between them in colour appearance. In(More)
(ˆ 2 λ α x (α=1, …,14) used in this work (upper graphic) and the corresponding percent standard deviation (lower graphic) Abstract Given a fixed set of viewing conditions, a colour appearance model provides a method for transforming tristimulus values to perceptual attributes correlates, and vice versa. Current colour appearance models, like CIECAM02 [1],(More)
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