Esther Papamichael

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Exponentially growing cells of Zymomonas mobilis normally exhibit a lag period of up to 3 h when transferred from 0.11 M (2%) to 0.55 M (10%) glucose liquid medium. A mutant of Z. mobilis (CU1Rif2), fortuitously isolated, showed more than a 20-h lag period when grown under the same conditions, whereas on 0.55 M glucose solid medium, it failed to grow. The(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to determine international obstetric opinions regarding the influence of a history of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment on the management of labour and to review the evidence base. DESIGN A questionnaire containing closed questions, with pre-coded response opinions, was designed to obtain a cross-section of the obstetric opinions. (More)
The objective of this study was to estimate the direct annual cost of treating patients with schizophrenia in Greece in 2005. Due to the lack of quantitative data, information on the treatment pathway and medical resource utilization of patients were collected from a consensus panel of 9 psychiatrists and 5 health economists. For estimating the costs a(More)
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