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AIMS Adipose-derived regenerative cells (ADRCs) can be isolated from liposuction aspirates and prepared as fresh cells for immediate administration in cell therapy. We performed the first randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial to examine the safety and feasibility of the transendocardial injections of ADRCs in no-option patients with ischemic(More)
OBJECTIVE Myocardial Infarction with Non-Obstructed Coronary Arteries (MINOCA) is common, but the causes are to a large extent unknown. Thus, we aimed to study the prevalence of myocarditis and "true" myocardial infarction determined by cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging in MINOCA patients, and risk markers for these two conditions in this population.(More)
particular care should be taken when dressing the wound and in ensuring that the system is stably fixed in the cervical region of the patient. On the other hand, the fact that it can be connected to a permanent pacemaker generator allows for programming of more physiologic pacing modes that help to maintain the patient in a stable clinical condition and(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of our study was to assess whether left atrial appendage (LAA) ligation in patients undergoing mitral valve replacement is associated with the risk of future embolisms. BACKGROUND Previous studies show that the LAA plays an important role in the development of intracardiac thrombus. According to this decisive role, LAA surgical closure(More)
Doppler echocardiography remains the most extended clinical modality for the evaluation of left ventricular (LV) function. Current Doppler ultrasound methods, however, are limited to the representation of a single flow velocity component. We thus developed a novel technique to construct 2D time-resolved (2D+t) LV velocity fields from conventional(More)
OBJECTIVES We performed noninvasive identification of post-infarction sustained monomorphic ventricular tachycardia (SMVT)-related slow conduction channels (CC) by contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (ceMRI). BACKGROUND Conduction channels identified by voltage mapping are the critical isthmuses of most SMVT. We hypothesized that CC are formed by(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the independent factors associated with the presence of left atrial (LA) spontaneous echo contrast (SEC) and thromboembolic events in patients with mitral stenosis (MS) in chronic atrial fibrillation (AF). Factors independently associated with LASEC, thrombi, and embolic events have been mainly investigated in(More)
This study was conducted to assess the usefulness of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) as a guide in the percutaneous transcatheter occlusion of paravalvular defects and in subsequent follow-up. In 27 consecutive patients with mitral paravalvular leaks with significant regurgitation considered to be poor surgical candidates who were treated with(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To assess the effect of gender on the in-hospital management of patients with acute inferior or posterior myocardial infarction (MI). DESIGN Retrospective analysis of clinical records. Gender differences in management and prognosis were assessed by stepwise multiple logistic regression analysis. SETTING University, large-volume,(More)
BACKGROUND The percutaneous closure of mitral paravalvular leaks has been reported in patients who are poor operative candidates. Unsuccessful percutaneous closure of leaks may be related to morphologic characteristics of the defects. METHODS Ten patients were selected from a database for mitral dehiscence closure, in whom two-dimensional transesophageal(More)