Esther O Carmona-Wagner

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The growing interest in the effects of light pollution on daily and seasonal cycles of animals has led to a boost of research in recent years. In birds, it has been hypothesized that artificial light at night can affect daily aspects of behaviour, but one caveat is the lack of knowledge about the light intensity that wild animals, such as birds, are exposed(More)
UNLABELLED We demonstrated previously that Pannexin 1 (Panx1), an ion and metabolite channel, promotes the growth and proliferation of ventricular zone (VZ) neural precursor cells (NPCs) in vitro. To investigate its role in vivo, we used floxed Panx1 mice in combination with viruses to delete Panx1 in VZ NPCs and to track numbers of Panx1-null and(More)
PURPOSE After cortical stroke, neural precursor cells (NPCs) in the distal ventricular zone (VZ) proliferate more rapidly and migrate toward the injured cortex. While evidence suggests this can enhance stroke recovery, the underlying molecular mechanisms initiating the response are poorly understood. Here we identified changes in protein expression in the(More)
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