Esther Núñez Juárez

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OBJECTIVE To characterize rheumatoid arthritis patients seen in Rheumatology Units at different health care levels. MATERIAL AND METHODS Questionnaire and clinical examination of rheumatoid arthritis patients seen as outpatients in Rheumatology Units from Primary Care, county Hospitals and Reference Hospitals. Demographic, social, labour and disease data(More)
The authors describe health indicators in their functional, social, mental and cognitive dimensions for patients included in an at home care program by means of an observational study of prevalences; these patients are part of the 12,000 patients included in the "Health at Home" Program run by the Primary Health Care Teams of the Catalonian Health Institute(More)
AIM We aimed to explore the meaning of obesity in elderly persons with knee osteoarthritis (KO) and to determine the factors that encourage or discourage weight loss. BACKGROUND Various studies have demonstrated that body mass index is related to KO and that weight loss improves symptoms and functional capacity. However, dietary habits are difficult to(More)
BACKGROUND Measuring HRQOL is simple, inexpensive, permits the health status to be measured over time, and is useful to compare or initiate treatments and evaluate results, facilitating homogenization in patient inclusion. OBJECTIVES To evaluate disease-specific and generic HRQOL and influence of associated factors in patients undergoing open debridement(More)
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