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Animal personalities range from individuals that are shy, cautious, and easily stressed (a "reactive" personality type) to individuals that are bold, innovative, and quick to learn novel tasks, but also prone to routine formation (a "proactive" personality type). Although personality differences should have important consequences for fitness, their(More)
[1] Field studies show that photosynthesis by Antarctic phytoplankton is inhibited by the increased ultraviolet radiation (UVR) resulting from springtime stratospheric ozone (O 3) depletion. To extend previous observations, a numerical model utilizing satellite-derived distributions of O 3 , clouds, sea ice, surface temperature, and phytoplankton biomass(More)
The precession and obliquity frequencies of the Earth's rotational motion are functions of the dynamic ellipticity of the Earth's gravitational figure, and this connection has provided a novel bridge between studies of palaeoclimate and geodynamics. In particular, analyses of tuned climate proxy records have yielded bounds on the mean relative perturbation(More)
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