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Studies of the interaction between mechanoception and nociception would benefit from a method for stimulation of both modalities at the same location. For this purpose, we developed an electrical stimulation device. Using two different electrode geometries, discs and needles, the device is capable of inducing two distinct stimulus qualities, dull and sharp,(More)
SUMMARY : Changing the amplitude of single rectangular pulse stimuli (SP) has the disadvantage of recruiting tactile and nociceptive fibers in a changing, unknown proportion. Keeping the amplitude constant, but applying a varying number of pulses in a train is another way of stimulus variation, keeping the proportion constant. So, pulse trains (PT) with a(More)
In the present study the effect of the cold pressor test (CPT) on the processing of electrical single pulses (SP) with changing amplitude and pulse trains (PT) with fixed amplitude was analysed using subjective pain ratings and evoked potentials. Healthy subjects were electrically stimulated at the left middle fingertip in a CPT and control protocol. In the(More)
Dit proefschrift is goedgekeurd door de promotoren en assistent promotor: Chapter 1 General introduction 1 Chapter 2 Single pulse and pulse train modulation of cutaneous electrical stimulation: a comparison of methods. 17 Chapter 3 Effect of cold pressor on electrocutaneous stimuli: N90 effects reflects spinothalamic activity 33 Chapter 4 Primary(More)
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