Esther Llop

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The association of anthropometrics, particularly hand measurements, with dermatoglyphic characters is quantified. Children with square hands exhibit higher main line indices, a-b ridge counts, and more open atd angles. Adults with broader hands have more arches. Taller individuals with larger hands present higher a-b ridge counts and leaner subjects with(More)
New markers based on PSA isoforms have recently been developed to improve prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis. However, novel approaches are still required to differentiate aggressive from non-aggressive PCa to improve decision making for patients. PSA glycoforms have been shown to be differentially expressed in PCa. In particular, changes in the extent of core(More)
Given the spectacular advances of genetics during the last five years, it seems appropriate to revisit the important subject of genetics of alcoholism and substance abuse. In recent studies alcohol abuse was shown to have an hereditability of roughly 38%, whereas psychostimulant and opiate use exhibit hereditabilities of 11 to 45%. The hereditability of(More)
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