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The oocyte cell-cell channel assay was used to demonstrate that connexin-43 is a cell-cell channel-forming protein as previously shown for connexin-32. Expression of connexin-32 in one and connexin-43 in the other oocyte of a pair results in the formation of junctional conductances at rates similar to those observed when only one or the other connexin is(More)
Functional expression of gap junction proteins (connexins) in paired oocytes exhibits a strong polar preference: oocyte pairs with their vegetal poles in apposition have higher junctional conductances than equivalent pairs contacting at their animal poles. This asymmetry of cell-cell channel formation is probably due to a corresponding asymmetric(More)
In heterozygous mice, attenuation of G-protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 (GRK2) level in nociceptors is associated with enhanced and prolonged inflammatory hyperalgesia. To further elucidate the role of GRK2 in nociceptor function we reversibly decreased GRK2 expression using intrathecal antisense oligodeoxynucleotide (AS-ODN). GRK2 AS-ODN administration(More)
Carboxyl-terminal deletion mutants of the gap junction protein connexin32 were tested in the oocyte cell-cell channel assay. Oocytes expressing a mutant lacking 58 carboxyl terminal amino acids were found to exhibit junctional conductances of the same magnitude as oocytes expressing wild-type connexin32. The gating properties of the channels formed by this(More)
To examine whether a variant human oestrogen receptor gene, which differs from the wild-type gene in the B region, was associated with spontaneous abortion, obstetric histories of breast cancer patients with this variant were compared with those of breast cancer patients with the wild-type gene. In women with the B-variant, 50% of pregnancies ended in(More)
A study of the cost of recording and archiving digitally formatted diagnostic images is presented for an academic radiology department serving a 614-bed university hospital and a large outpatient population. The radiological examinations include computed tomography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and digital radiography. The archiving management strategies(More)
Measurement of physical activity is increasingly important in health research. We sought to determine the accuracy and sensitivity to non-exercise activity of three activity monitors worn simultaneously by healthy adult women participating in a structured activity protocol. Ten normal-weight women wore the Intelligent Device for Energy Expenditure and(More)
Painful small-fiber peripheral neuropathy is a debilitating complication of chronic alcohol abuse. Evidence from previous studies suggests that neuroendocrine mechanisms, in combination with other, as yet unidentified actions of alcohol, are required to produce this neuropathic pain syndrome. In addition to neurotoxic effects of alcohol, in the setting of(More)