Esther Kellenberger

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A novel method to measure distances between druggable protein cavities is presented. Starting from user-defined ligand binding sites, eight topological and physicochemical properties are projected from cavity-lining protein residues to an 80 triangle-discretised sphere placed at the centre of the binding site, thus defining a cavity fingerprint.(More)
Quantification of local similarity between protein 3D structures is a promising tool in computer-aided drug design and prediction of biological function. Over the last ten years, several computational methods were proposed, mostly based on geometrical comparisons. This review summarizes the recent literature and gives an overview of available programs. A(More)
The sc-PDB database (available at is a comprehensive and up-to-date selection of ligandable binding sites of the Protein Data Bank. Sites are defined from complexes between a protein and a pharmacological ligand. The database provides the all-atom description of the protein, its ligand, their binding site and their(More)
In electron micrographs of conventionally prepared thin sections of Escherichia coli one observes (i) a wavy appearance of the two membranes showing frequent appositions (named adhesion sites) and (ii) intermembrane bridges after plasmolysis which, it is claimed, occur at the adhesion sites and are related to intermembrane protein transport(More)
The surface of thin sections of aldehyde-fixed biological material shows a specimen-related relief of 2-6 nm with Lowicryl. Epon sections are about three times smoother. The relief is the consequence of thin-sectioning being in reality a cleavage. Epitopes are supposed to be laid open (or set free) because cleavage follows the interfaces between protein and(More)
Maraviroc (MVC) is an allosteric CCR5 inhibitor used against HIV-1 infection. While MVC-resistant viruses have been identified in patients, it still remains incompletely known how they adjust their CD4 and CCR5 binding properties to resist MVC inhibition while preserving their replicative capacity. It is thought that they maintain high efficiency of(More)
  • L Cobret, M L De Tauzia, J Ferent, E Traiffort, I Henaoui, F Godin +60 others
  • 2015
(2015). "Targeting the cis-dimerization of LINGO-1 with low MW compounds affects its downstream signalling. (2014). "Hypoxia-regulated overexpression of soluble VEGFR2 controls angiogenesis and inhibits tumor growth. (2014). "Cdk5 induces constitutive activation of 5-HT6 receptors to promote neurite growth." Nat Chem Biol 10(7): 590-597. (2014).(More)
This study compares by immunogold labeling the ultrastructural localization of a hexameric 22S glycoprotein, called toposome, with that of hyalin in unfertilized eggs and cells of hatched sea urchin blastulae. Nearly all hyalin is present in the electron translucent compartment of the cortical granules and in the translucent non-cortical pigment granules.(More)
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