Esther George

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  • Matthew R Pillmeier, Rushmore Processor, Michael J Schulte, E George, Walters Iii
  • 2002
Barrel shifters are often utilized by e m bedded digital signal processors and general-purpose processors to manipulate data. This paper examines design alternatives for barrel shifters that perform the following functions: shift right logical, shift right arithmetic, rotate right, shift left logical, shift left arithmetic, and rotate left. Four diierent(More)
  • Masoud Sadeghian, James E Stine, E George, Walters Iii
  • 2016
This paper presents a method for designing linear, quadratic and cubic interpolators that compute elementary functions using truncated multipliers, squarers and cubers. Initial coefficient values are obtained using a Chebyshev series approximation. A direct search algorithm is then used to optimize the quantized coefficient values to meet a user-specified(More)
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