Esther Garamvölgyi

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BACKGROUND Malignant mixed mesodermal tumors (malignant mixed Müllerian tumors [MMMT]) occur rarely in extragenital sites. METHODS The authors analyzed the clinical, pathologic, and immunohistochemical features of three cases of primary MMMT of the female peritoneum. RESULTS The neoplasms occurred in 60-, 64- and 84-year-old women and arose from pelvic(More)
The two major subtypes of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) (germinal centre B-cell - like (GCB-DLBCL) and activated B-cell - like (ABC-DLBCL)) are defined by means of gene expression profiling (GEP). Patients with GCB-DLBCL survive longer with the current standard regimen R-CHOP than patients with ABC-DLBCL. As GEP is not part of the current routine(More)
Sera of patients suffering from acute hepatitis, and different forms of chronic hepatitis were found to be reactive to reagents prepared from the yellow fever virus (YF) vaccine strain. Serum samples of 1974 patients were tested, and 133 of them were positive. Hepatitis C virus specific antibodies were absent from the majority of them. The frequency of(More)
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