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Genetic diseases demonstrate that the normal function of CNS myelin depends on connexin32 (Cx32) and Cx47, gap junction (GJ) proteins expressed by oligodendrocytes. GJs couple oligodendrocytes and astrocytes (O/A channels) as well as astrocytes themselves (A/A channels). Because astrocytes express different connexins (Cx30 and Cx43), O/A channels must be(More)
Pseudomonas fluorescens CHA0 and the related strain Pf-5 are well-characterized representatives of rhizosphere bacteria that have the capacity to protect crop plants from fungal root diseases, mainly by releasing a variety of exoproducts that are toxic to plant pathogenic fungi. Here, we report that the two plant-beneficial pseudomonads also exhibit potent(More)
legend: Confocal image (63ϫ) of an apical view of sensory epithelium excised from the mouse utricle, a vestibular organ, at embryonic day 18. The tissue was stained with phalloidin (red) to illuminate the actin-rich hair bundles and the actin belt that rings the apical surface of each cell. Antitubulin (green) labels the kinocilium. For more information,(More)
The consolidation of spatial navigational memory during sleep is supported by electrophysiological and behavioral evidence. The features of sleep that mediate this ability may change with aging, as percentage of slow-wave sleep is canonically thought to decrease with age, and slow waves are thought to help orchestrate hippocampal-neocortical dialog that(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To evaluate the role of orexin-A with respect to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) Alzheimer disease (AD) biomarkers, and explore its relationship to cognition and sleep characteristics in a group of cognitively normal elderly individuals. METHODS Subjects were recruited from multiple community sources for National Institutes of Health supported(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Emerging evidence suggests a role for sleep in contributing to the progression of Alzheimer disease (AD). Slow wave sleep (SWS) is the stage during which synaptic activity is minimal and clearance of neuronal metabolites is high, making it an ideal state to regulate levels of amyloid beta (Aβ). We thus aimed to examine relationships between(More)
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