Esther Dechant

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A partial cDNA sequence indicated that the T lymphocyte early-activation gene (Tea) encodes a protein related to the dual-function ecotropic retrovirus receptor/cationic amino acid transporter (ecoR/CAT1), and RNA blots suggested highest Tea expression in T lymphocytes and liver (MacLeod, C.L., Finley, K., Kakuda, D. Kozad, C.A., and Wilkinson, M.F. (1990)(More)
Somewhat paradoxically, fracture risk, which depends on applied loads and bone strength, is elevated in both anorexia nervosa and obesity at certain skeletal sites. Factor-of-risk (Φ), the ratio of applied load to bone strength, is a biomechanically based method to estimate fracture risk; theoretically, higher Φ reflects increased fracture risk. We(More)
The widely expressed Na(+)-independent transporter for basic amino acids (system y+) is the cell surface receptor (ecoR) for ecotropic host-range mouse retroviruses (murine leukemia viruses (MuLVs)), a class of retroviruses that naturally infects only mice or rats. Accordingly, expression of mouse ecoR cDNA in mink CCL64 fibroblasts yields cells (CEN cells)(More)
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