Esther C. de Jong

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The immune system exists to protect the host against pathogenic organisms and highly complex pathways of recognition, response, elimination and memory have evolved in order to fulfil this role. The immune system also acts to ensure tolerance to 'self', to food and other environmental components , and to commensal bacteria. A breakdown in the tolerogenic(More)
Mast cells, when supplemented with H2O2 and iodide, are cytotoxic to mammalian tumor cells as determined by 51Cr release, and transmission and scanning electron microscopy. H2O2 at the concentration employed (10(-4) M) initiates mast cell degranulation, and mast cell granules (MCG), which contain a small amount of endogenous peroxidase activity, are toxic(More)
551 In the last decade, human migration increased fourfold; destinations now involve all points on the globe, with religious persecution and political conflict as common reasons to migrate. Environmental disasters and economic factors, causing rapid depletion of natural resources, also impel people to seek job opportunities and an improved standard of(More)
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