Esther Bachar-Lustig

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Adult neovascularization relies on the recruitment of circulating cells, but their angiogenic roles and recruitment mechanisms are unclear. We show that the endothelial growth factor VEGF is sufficient for organ homing of circulating mononuclear myeloid cells and is required for their perivascular positioning and retention. Recruited bone marrow-derived(More)
Immature dendritic cells (imDCs) can have a tolerizing effect under normal conditions or after transplantation. However, because of the significant heterogeneity of this cell population, it is extremely difficult to study the mechanisms that mediate the tolerance induced or to harness the application of imDCs for clinical use. In the present study, we(More)
Transplantation of T cell-depleted BM (TDBM) under mild conditioning, associated with minimal toxicity and reduced risk of GVHD, offers an attractive therapeutic option for patients with nonmalignant hematologic disorders and can mediate immune tolerance to subsequent organ transplantation. However, overcoming TDBM rejection after reduced conditioning(More)
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