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INTRODUCTION Diabetic foot is a complication of diabetes mellitus that manifests with the development of ulcers that frequently precede amputation. Several studies have verified that the environment(More)
Outcomes of surgically treated limb- and life-threatening infections in patients with diabetes and a well-vascularized foot based only on the palpation of foot pulses are not well known. The authors(More)
AIMS To determine the structural and biomechanical characteristics associated with the conditions diabetes mellitus and diabetic neuropathy. METHODS Observational study of 788 patients conducted(More)
AIMS To stratify the ulceration risk according to the foot morphology in people with diabetes and a history of forefoot neuropathic ulceration. METHODS A cross-sectional study was performed on 139(More)
AIMS To evaluate the utility of the sudomotor function test (SFT) as a clinical tool in the Risk Stratification System of diabetic patients and to demonstrate the earlier detection of the risk of(More)
AIMS To analyse the risk of reulceration caused by the transfer of lesions in patients with diabetes, undergoing resection of at least one metatarsal head. METHODS A total of 119 patients with(More)