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Stem cell self-renewal implies proliferation under continued maintenance of multipotency. Small changes in numbers of stem cells may lead to large differences in differentiated cell numbers, resulting in significant physiological consequences. Proliferation is typically regulated in the G1 phase, which is associated with differentiation and cell cycle(More)
We studied the role of Semaphorins in the formation of hippocampal connections at embryonic and early postnatal stages. We show that the embryonic entorhinal cortex has a repulsive effect on embryonic hippocampal axons that disappears gradually at postnatal stages. Such chemorepulsion is blocked by Neuropilin-1 and -2 blocking antibodies. However, at(More)
Establishment of the neuromuscular synapse requires bidirectional signaling between the nerve and muscle. Although much is known on nerve-released signals onto the muscle, less is known of signals important for presynaptic maturation of the nerve terminal. Our results suggest that the Ret tyrosine kinase receptor transmits a signal in motor neuron synapses(More)
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