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BACKGROUND Traffic noise affects a large number of people, particularly in urbanized areas. Noise causes stress and annoyance, but less is known about the relationship between noise and depression. OBJECTIVE We investigated the association of residential road traffic noise with depressive symptoms using 5-year follow-up data from a German population-based(More)
BACKGROUND Germany's enormous transformation away from nuclear energy and fossil fuels towards a renewable and energy efficient system-called the Energiewende-is playing an essential role in Germany's economy and policymaking. This article summarises the current knowledge on possible health impacts of the Energiewende and describes the need and(More)
Man verwendet statt der direkten Messung des AGW meistens die indirekte Berechnung. Dazu benutzt man das in der ersten Sekunde forciert ausgeatmete Volumen, welches in jedem Institut mit Hilfe anderer Umrechnungszahlen auf die Zeiteinheit bezogen werden kann. Verschiedene Autoren bewiesen, daß das Volumen des Exsp.-AST1 bei Normalbefunden nur in 7% der(More)
Previous research suggests that green environments positively influence health. Several underlying mechanisms have been discussed; one of them is facilitation of social interaction. Further, greener neighborhoods may appear more aesthetic, contributing to satisfaction and well-being. Aim of this study was to analyze the association of residential(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to air pollution activates the innate immune system and influences the adaptive immune system in experimental settings. We investigated the association of residential long-term exposure to particulate matter (PM) and NO2 air pollution with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) as a marker of adaptive immune system(More)
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