Ester Motta

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The presence of ochratoxin A (OTA) in human blood has been reported for many countries, especially in Europe. However, so far no report exists concerning such a presence in Argentina. The aim of this study was to assess OTA concentration in human plasma in two different areas of Buenos Aires province. OTA was determined by high-performance liquid(More)
Methylmalonate (MMA) accumulates in the tissues of patients with methylmalonic acidaemia, who present severe neurological signs soon after birth and later mental retardation. Attempting to understand the pathophysiology of the disorder, we investigated the effects of MMA on brain glucose uptake, lactate release and CO2 production. Glucose uptake and lactate(More)
The nematode Calodium hepaticum (syn. Capillaria hepatica) is a zoonotic helminth found mainly infecting rats. It was studied the prevalence of C. hepaticum infection in Rattus norvegicus in an urban area of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), with low urban planning and sanitation. The presence of C. hepaticum was identified through visible yellowish-white lesions in(More)
This work is an investigation on the microvasculature of the cutaneous infiltrates of leprosy with the immunohistochemical staining of endothelial cells in cutaneous biopsies. Anti-Factor VIII-related antigen antibody (anti-FVIII-ra) and Ulex Europaeus-1 lectin (UEA-1) binding were utilized as endothelial cell markers. Thirty-nine patients grouped according(More)
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