Ester Mancuso

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The aim of our study was to assess the diagnostic accuracy of acoustic structure quantification (ASQ) ultrasound software in estimating the degree of hepatic fibrosis compared to Fibroscan and liver biopsy. Seventy-seven patients with chronic viral hepatitis B and C underwent standard ultrasound examination, ASQ, Fibroscan and liver biopsy. ASQ analysis was(More)
Thyroid pathology including thyroid nodules and diffuse thyroid diseases represents often a diagnosing challenge for clinicians. US, although highly accurate in identifying thyroid nodules and diffuse thyroid diseases, is still not sufficiently accurate to evaluate them. US-elastography has been introduced in order to further increase US accuracy in many(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effectiveness of semiquantitative elastosonography (Q-elastography) compared with contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in differentiating the nature of thyroid nodules. METHODS AND MATERIALS Forty-eight consecutive patients (35 males, 13 females, range: 34-69 years, mean: 49.4 years), candidate to surgery, previously detected at(More)
Background Breast elastography is a non-invasive and widely accessible method used in the differential diagnostic procedure in addition to B-mode imaging. Purpose To assess the role of elastographic features in the differentiation of breast lesions and to evaluate the importance of depth in the choice of reference fat tissue for the calculation of strain(More)
Joint bleeding, or haemarthrosis, is the most common type of bleeding episode experienced by individuals with haemophilia A and B. This leads to changes within the joints, including synovial proliferation, which results in further bleeding and chronic synovitis. Blood in the joint can also directly damage the cartilage, and with repeated bleeding, there is(More)
Breast elastography is a new sonographic imaging technique for the characterization of focal breast lesions in addition to conventional ultrasonography (US) and mammography. Elastography provides a non-invasive evaluation of the stiffness of a lesion. Two different technical approaches are available for clinical use: free-hand elastography (USE) and shear(More)
This study was done to compare quantitative elastosonography and ultrasound analysis in the characterisation of thyroid nodules. From July 2009 to September 2011, 123 patients with 147 thyroid nodules were included in our study. All patients enrolled had to undergo thyroidectomy because of nodular thyroid disease (goitre or nodules). After preliminary(More)
BACKGROUND Among the strategies to increase the number of lung transplants, ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) represents a novel technique to expand the donor pool. METHODS Data from donors referred to our center were retrospectively analyzed to identify grafts that could potentially be potentially reconditioned by EVLP and for comparison with those obtained(More)
Metastatic carcinomas to the thyroid are rare in daily clinical practice. However, when encountered they represent a diagnostic challenge, since it is difficult to distinguish them from primary thyroid lesions, especially when occurring in patients with occult malignant history. Nevertheless, it is critical to differentiate a metastatic tumor from primary(More)