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Determination of haplotype frequencies (the joint distribution of genetic markers) in large population samples is a powerful tool for association studies. This is due to their greater extent of polymorphism since any two bi-allelic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) generate a potential four-allele genetic marker. Therefore, a haplotype may capture a(More)
We made Doppler-broadened and Doppler-free absorption measurement of a cesium cell that was placed inside an external Fabry-Perot ring cavity, using a Nd:YAG laser. We achieved a cavity finesse of ~85, and the sensitivity of the measurement was improved by as much as 26.5 with respect to single-pass absorption. The sensitivity enhancement by the external(More)
The dc-Kerr constant was measured with high sensitivity in several gases, using a novel ellipsometer, which is based on a high-finesse Fabry–Pérot interferometer. An effective interaction length of 5.26 km was achieved by using a Fabry–Pérot interferometer with intracavity electrodes, yielding a single-pass sensitivity of ≈ 10 nanoradian. The dc-Kerr(More)
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