Estelle Wolff

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OBJECTIVE The dyslipidemia of obesity and other insulin-resistant states is characterized by the elevation of plasma triglyceride-rich lipoproteins (TRL) of both hepatic (apoB-100-containing very low-density lipoprotein) and intestinal (apoB-48-containing chylomicrons) origin. Bariatric surgery is a well-established and effective modality for the treatment(More)
An important inter-individual variability in cholesterol absorption has been reported. It could result from polymorphisms in genes coding for proteins involved in the absorption process and in interaction with dietary intakes. To assess whether the extent of cholesterol absorption or synthesis is modified in adult women according to the −493 G/T(More)
Two malignant tumors of the human gastrointestinal tract (obtained surgically) have been cultivated in vitro in long-term organotypic tissue culture. Of these line AZ110 (maintained for 6 years) originated from a primary adenocarcinoma of the ascending colon, whereas line Z200 (grown for 14 years) originated from a hepatic metastatic nodule of a gastric(More)
LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C) reduction may be achieved by various types of prudent diets, but their effects on surrogate markers of cholesterol absorption and synthesis have not been well studied in humans. We aimed to assess whether the extent of cholesterol absorption or synthesis, and cholesterol concentrations, are modified in adults when they shift from a(More)
We described a simple and rapid method to quantify simultaneously chlorhexidine (CHD) and its major metabolite, para Chloroaniline (pCA) by HPLC with UV detection without the additional need of mobile-phase amine modifiers or ion-pairing reagents, with good resolution between pCA and CHD, symmetry peak of the compound and short run time. HPLC-UV analyses(More)
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