Estelle R Klasner

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PURPOSE To assess the adequacy of self-report instruments in speech-language pathology for measuring a construct called communicative participation. METHOD Six instruments were evaluated relative to (a) the construct measured, (b) the relevance of individual items to communicative participation, and (c) their psychometric properties. RESULTS No(More)
Acoustic measures of phonatory instability (coefficient of variation for amplitude, coefficient of variation for frequency, shimmer, jitter, and harmonics-to-noise ratio), phonatory limits (maximum fundamental frequency range and maximum duration of vowel phonation), and the nasal-oral amplitude ratio were measured five times throughout a 6-month period(More)
OBJECTIVE To attain a better understanding of the benefits and barriers faced by persons with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the workplace. DESIGN Qualitative research methodology comprising a series of semistructured interviews. SETTING Community-based setting. PARTICIPANTS Fourteen women and 2 men with MS living in the community who were employed or(More)
THE PROBLEM Work can be defined as an activity performed to accomplish something in the presence of obstacles that may make accomplishing the goal difficult. For individuals with MS, work is not only limited by physical impairments but also by factors such as fatigue and cognitive changes PURPOSE The aim of this study is to examine the experiences of(More)
PURPOSE This study examined satisfaction with communicative participation as reported by adults with multiple sclerosis (MS). METHOD Eight community-dwelling adults with MS participated in semi-structured interviews. They were asked to discuss their satisfaction with their communication in a variety of situations. Interviews were analyzed using a constant(More)
Health care professionals participating in rehabilitation for people with MS can play a critical role in enhancing limited outcomes such as enhanced mobility, reductions in symptoms such as pain and depression, and the metaoutcome-participation. This role will be significantly more effective if the health care professional acknowledges and validates the(More)
We conducted two studies to examine parameters of social attention in contingency awareness training using switch activation with individuals who had multiple profound disabilities. In Study 1 we compared leisure devices and social attention as reinforcing stimuli with 5 individuals. Results indicated the reinforcing qualities of social attention over(More)
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