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These studies have demonstrated the feasibility of using urine-saturated paper disks in place of urine in the RIA system for drug abuse detection. Results with the disks are consistent with those using urine. A satisfactory procedure has been devised which provides reproducibility of results with no loss of sensitivity or specificity. Further, the procedure(More)
A rapid, semiautomated radioimmunoassay system for detection of morphine, barbiturates, and amphetamines is described. The assays are applicable to large drug abuse screening programs. The heart of the system is the automatic pipetting station which can accomplish 600 pipetting operations per hour. The method uses 15 to 30 mul or urine for the morphine and(More)
Modeling articulated objects made of rigid layered parts used to populate 3D scenes in video games or movie production is a complex and time-consuming task for digital artists. This work proposes a sketch-based approach to efficiently model 3D layered articulated objects, such as animals with rigid shells and armors, in annotating a single 2D photo(More)
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