Estelle Cantillon

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Bidders' asymmetries are widespread in auction markets. Yet, their impact on behavior and, ultimately, revenue and profits is still not well understood. This paper defines a natural benchmark auction environment to which to compare any private values auction with asymmetrically distributed valuations. The main result is that the expected revenue from the(More)
Extended abstract-description of preliminary results At Harvard Business School, like at many other professional schools around the country, stu-dents' learning experience requires limits on the number of students in a class. This creates an interesting allocation problem for school administrations: students need a seat in several classes, and classes have(More)
Note: Cowles Foundation Discussion Papers are preliminary materials circulated to stimulate discussion and critical comment. Requests for single copies of a Paper will be filled by the Cowles Foundation within the limits of the supply. References in publications to Discussion Papers (other than mere acknowledgment by a writer that he has access to such(More)
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