Estela Sánchez-Rodríguez

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This paper considers sequencing situations with due date criteria. Three diierent t ypes of criteria are considered: the weighted penalty criterion , the weighted tardiness criterion and the completion time criterion. The main focus is on convexity of the associated cooperative games.
In this note we study uncertainty sequencing situations, i.e., 1-machine sequencing situations in which no initial order is specified. We associate cooperative games with these sequencing situations, study their core, and provide links with the classic sequencing games introduced by Curiel et al. (1989). Moreover, we propose and characterize two simple cost(More)
Duisenberg school of finance is a collaboration of the Dutch financial sector and universities, with the ambition to support innovative research and offer top quality academic education in core areas of finance. Abstract In this paper we establish a relationship between the core cover of a compromise admissible game and the core of a particular bankruptcy(More)