Estela Casas López

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Because psychoactive plants exert profound effects on human perception, emotion, and cognition, discovering the molecular mechanisms responsible for psychoactive plant actions will likely yield insights into the molecular underpinnings of human consciousness. Additionally, it is likely that elucidation of the molecular targets responsible for psychoactive(More)
Few developing countries have foodborne pathogen surveillance systems, and none of these integrates data from humans, food, and animals. We describe the implementation of a 4-state, integrated food chain surveillance system (IFCS) for Salmonella spp. in Mexico. Significant findings were 1) high rates of meat contamination (21.3%-36.4%), 2) high rates of(More)
We describe prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility results for thermophilic Campylobacter isolates collected from humans, food, and food-animals in an integrated food chain surveillance network in Mexico. From 2003 to 2006, stool samples were collected from children with diarrhea at state sentinel hospitals. Concurrently, fecal samples from(More)
To determine the diagnostic value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in the assessment of acute pancreatitis, with computed tomography (CT) as the reference standard. Fifty consecutive patients (mean age 58.4 years; range 23–86 years) with acute pancreatitis underwent prospectively both CT and ultrasonography, including CEUS, within a 24-h interval.(More)
Inhibitors of PI3K signaling are of great therapeutic interest in oncology. The phosphoinositide-3-kinase signaling pathway is activated in a variety of solid and non-solid tumors. We have identified an imidazopyrazine derivative, ETP-46321, as a potent inhibitor of PI3Kα $$ {\text{K}}_{\text{i}}^{\text{app}} = {2}.{\text{4 nM}} $$ . The compound was 6(More)
A case of epididymo-orchitis due toNocardia asteroides in a liver transplant recipient is reported. Nocardiosis is an extremely rare cause of epididymo-orchitis. Four other cases published in the English language medical literature are reviewed. All patients were immunocompromised, and other organs were affected simultaneously. Clinically the infection(More)
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