Estefanía Butassi

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Abietane diterpenes exhibit an array of interesting biological activities, which have generated significant interest among the pharmacological community. Starting from the abietane diterpenes carnosic acid and carnosol, twenty four new triazole derivatives were synthesized using click chemistry. The compounds differ in the length of the linker and the(More)
Peracetylated bile acids (1a-g) were used as starting materials for the preparation of fourteen new derivatives bearing an oxazole moiety in their side chain (6a-g, 8a-g). The key step for the synthetic path was a Dakin-West reaction followed by a Robinson-Gabriel cyclodehydration. A simpler model oxazole (12) was also synthesized. The antifungal activity(More)
The microwave assisted reaction between heterocyclic o-aminonitriles 1 and cyclic ketones 2 catalyzed by zinc chloride led to new series of pyrazolo[3,4-b] [1,8]naphthyridin-5-amines 3 in good yields. This procedure provides several advantages such as being environmentally friendly, high yields, simple work-up procedure, broad scope of applicability and the(More)
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