Esteban Walter Gonzalez Clua

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Software development is a challenging, but seldom amusing activity. At the same time, gamification, a recent trend that brings game mechanics to websites and interactive media, together with many past works that propose the use of serious games to teach software engineering in a fun way, show evidence that this type of real-world activity can also(More)
Most games today use some form of Game Object Component System to compose game entities. With this approach, components represent anything such as functionalities or just a collection of attributes, and are attached to game objects in order to properly compose it. In this paper we propose an augmented Game Object Component System with automatic(More)
Octree structures are widely used in graphic applications to accelerate the computation of geometric proximity relations. This data strucutre is fundamental for game engine architectures for a correct scene management and culling process. With the increasing power of graphics hardware, processing tasks are progressively ported of to those architectures.(More)
With the implantation of Brazilian’s Digital Television System, a new software development platform has been created. Applications for the Digital TV are an important part of this new system, which aims, in addition to higher image and sound quality, the creation of an interactivity channel for the viewer. Among all possible applications for this(More)
The increase of computational power of programmable GPU (graphics processing unit) brings new concepts for using these devices for generic processing. Hence, with the use of the CPU and the GPU for data processing come new ideas that deals with distribution of tasks among CPU and GPU, such as automatic distribution. The importance of the automatic(More)
Mobile phone games are usually design to be able to play using the traditional number pads of the handsets. This is stressfully difficult for the user interaction and consequently for the game design. Because of that, one of the most desired features of a mobile games is the usage of few buttons as possible. Nowadays, with the evolution of the mobile(More)
Cloud computing is becoming an increasinglyviable source of low cost computing power for developers andusers in diverse areas. Services from the creation ofpresentations, spreadsheets and text processing, to picture andvideo editing, and more recently high performance scientificcomputing are some examples of systems currently available inthe cloud. While(More)
Background subtraction is an important preprocessing step in many modern Computer Vision systems. Much work has been done especially in the field of color image based foreground segmentation. But the task is not an easy one so, state of the art background subtraction algorithms are complex both in programming logic and in run time. Depth cameras might offer(More)
This article presents a new architecture to implement all game loop models for games and real-time applications that use the GPU as a mathematics and physics coprocessor, working in parallel processing mode with the CPU. The presented model applies automatic task distribution concepts. The architecture can apply a set of heuristics defined in Lua scripts in(More)
The Graphics Processing Units or simply GPUs have evolved into extremely powerful and flexible processors. This flexibility and power have allowed new concepts in general purpose computation to emerge. This paper presents a new architecture for physics engines focusing on the simulation of rigid bodies with some of its methods implemented on the GPU.(More)