Esteban Talavera Gonzalez

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Federating security and trust is one of the most significant architectural requirements in grids. In this regard, one challenging issue is the cross-organizational authentication and identification. Organizations participated in Virtual Organizations (VOs) may use different security infrastructures that implement different authentication and identification(More)
Volar fixation of dorsally unstable distal radius fractures is a new method of treatment that provides the benefits of stable internal fixation without the complications of the dorsal approach. A new, fixed-angle fixation device, the distal volar radius (DVR) plate, (Fig. 1) has been introduced for this purpose. Experience gained by applying this technique(More)
The development of a 16 electrode-electrical impedance tomography (EIT) prototype to be applied in neurological fields such as epilepsy in rats has been previously reported. Approaching residual problems in order to improve its performance, this work reports results about changes made in the system hardware as follows: 1) replacing the current source(More)
In speech processing, the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of the signal is an important feature. There are methods to reduce the noise contained into the speech which allow to obtain better results of the processing carried out. In this work a set of adaptive filtering methods are studied, with a deep analysis of the noise power estimators used to carry out the(More)
The excessive consumption of natural sweeteners is considered to be a major cause of increase in body mass. The authors wished to establish whether hypocaloric artificial sweeteners also promoted mass gain in laboratory rats (Harlan Wistar male rats). Ad libitum sweeteners were added to the drinking water of five groups of nine male rats each weighing circa(More)
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