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Myelin deficiency in the central nervous system (CNS) can cause severe disabling conditions. Most of the transgenic mice models overexpressing myelin components have limitations for investigators of myelin deficiency and myelin therapy as they severely alter CNS architecture. It has been postulated that transferrin (Tf) is involved in oligodendrocyte (OL)(More)
Mechanisms that regulate oligodendroglial cell (OLGc) differentiation are the focus of intensive research in the field of cellular and molecular neurobiology. We have previously shown that the addition of apotransferrin (aTf) to primary OLGc cultures accelerates their differentiation and induces an increase in the expression of different components of the(More)
Several observations suggest that iron is an essential factor in myelination and oligodendrocyte biology. However, the specific role of iron in these processes remains to be elucidated. This role could be as an essential cofactor in metabolic processes or as a transcriptional or translational regulator. In this study, we used animals models each with a(More)
We have used a model of iron deficiency in the rat to analyze the effects of a disruption in iron availability on oligodendroglial cell (OLGc) maturation and myelinogenesis and to explore the possible beneficial influence of an intracranial injection (ICI) of apotransferrin (aTf) at 3 days of age on this process. Studies carried out on postnatal days 17 and(More)
In rats, iron deficiency produces an alteration in myelin formation. However, there is limited information on the effects of this condition on oligodendroglial cell (OLGc) proliferation and maturation. In the present study, we further analyzed the hypomyelination associated with iron deficiency by studying the dynamics of oligodendrogenesis. Rats were fed(More)
Apotransferrin injected intracranially into young rats has been shown in our laboratories to induce an early differentiation of oligodendroglial cells and an increased deposition of myelin. The expression of some myelin-specific proteins such as myelin basic protein (MBP) and 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase (CNPase) and of their mRNAs were(More)
Apotransferrin (aTf), has been shown to accelerate the differentiation of oligodendroglial cells (OLGcs) in primary cultures and to increase the expression of different components of the myelin cytoskeleton (CSK). We examined the incorporation and distribution of human aTf (aTfh) exogenously added to OLGcs cultures and its effects on the CSK of the OLGcs.(More)
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