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During the Nazi period experimentation on human subjects and the elimination of individuals considered to be unproductive members of society were carried out in a systematic fashion. Involved in these practices were many physicians, including dermatologists whose names are linked in one way or another to their specialty. Some, such as Reiter, are very well(More)
INTRODUCTION Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for the largest burden of global mortality. The study of the degree of knowledge of their population risk factors and cardiovascular risk is a priority preventive strategy. MATERIAL AND METHODS A cross-sectional study with 369 people was performed. The sociodemographic variables were cardiovascular risk(More)
During the Nazi period numerous doctors and nurses played a nefarious role. In Germany they were responsible for the sterilization and killing of disabled persons. Furthermore, the Nazi doctors used concentration camp inmates as guinea pigs in medical experiments for military or racial purposes. A study of the collaboration of doctors with National(More)
Between 1933-1945 in Nazi Germany, physicians and other professional care providers participated in forced sterilization of patients who were carriers of genetic origin diseases and psychiatric disorders, extermination of children and adults with congenital and mental diseases, "scientific and pseudoscientific" medical experiments without consent and mass(More)
OBJECTIVE Study the relationship between motivation to change unhealthy life styles and cardiovascular risk. METHOD Cross sectional study, random, stratified by age, carried out in the field of primary care with a sample of 369 people. It was felt that with smoking or smoking cessation active consumption less than a year, the physical habit was valued at(More)
Even after the Nuremberg code was published, research on syphilis often continued to fall far short of ethical standards. We review post-World War II research on this disease, focusing on the work carried out in Guatemala and Tuskegee. Over a thousand adults were deliberately inoculated with infectious material for syphilis, chancroid, and gonorrhea between(More)