Esteban Czwan

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High-grade soft tissue sarcomas are a heterogeneous and complex group of tumors. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are considered as attractive candidates that may improve diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive characterization of this group of malignancies. We performed a comprehensive miRNA expression analysis in a series of 76 untreated, primary high-grade soft tissue(More)
High-grade soft tissue sarcomas are a heterogeneous, complex group of aggressive malignant tumors showing mesenchymal differentiation. Recently, soft tissue sarcomas have increasingly been classified on the basis of underlying genetic alterations; however, the role of aberrant DNA methylation in these tumors is not well understood and, consequently, the(More)
Theme-driven cancer survival studies address whether the expression signature of genes related to a biological process can predict patient survival time. Although this should ideally be achieved by testing two separate null hypotheses, current methods treat both hypotheses as one. The first test should assess whether a geneset, independent of its(More)
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