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BACKGROUND The sensitivity of neuron-specific antibodies permit the identification of the small unmyelinated nerve fibers within the skin. OBJECTIVES To develop a reference range of epidermal nerve fiber density in humans, and to evaluate their diagnostic efficiency for sensory neuropathies. METHODS Ninety-eight normal controls (age range, 13-82 years)(More)
This study examined Schwann cell behavior during paranodal demyelination induced by beta,beta'-iminodipropionitrile (IDPN). The stimuli for Schwann cell proliferation, extensively studied in vitro, are less well understood in vivo. Most in vivo systems previously used to examine Schwann cell proliferation in disease are dominated by loss of internodal(More)
It is of interest to quantify accurately lineal biological features such as nerve fibres, capillaries, and tubules for studies of development and diseases such as sensory neuropathy, and for evaluation of therapeutic regimens in humans and animal models. An unbiased stereological method to sample and estimate total length of immunostained epidermal nerve(More)
Schwann cell division, meticulously regulated throughout development, occurs at an extremely low level in normal adult nerves. Loss of the myelin sheath in disease results in active proliferation of Schwann cells. The dividing cells are usually thought to be the Schwann cells of the demylinated fibres and their daughters. In this study we asked if other(More)
This paper uses a multi-factor latent variable model to examine the time variation of expected returns on Asian property stocks. Using data from 1990 to 1997, we found strong evidence of time-varying risk premium, suggesting property development based on constant discount rate may underestimate the cost of capital. A further study using a multi-country(More)
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