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In 1896 Joseph François Felix Babinski described for the first time the phenomenon of the toes; nevertheless in this first paper he simply described extension of all toes with pricking of the sole of the foot. It was not until the second paper of 1898 that he specifically described the extension of the hallux with strong tactile stimulation (stroking) of(More)
INTRODUCTION Neurally-mediated syncope (NMS) is defined as a transient loss of consciousness due to an abrupt and intermittent drop in blood pressure (BP). OBJECTIVES This study describes the putative pathophysiological mechanisms giving rise to NMS, the role of baroreflex (BR), and the interaction of its main haemodynamic variables: heart rate (HR) and(More)
Dante's Divine Comedy is universally acclaimed as one of the great masterpieces in world literature. It is written in first person singular and this gives an intimate acquaintance with the vision of the poet. In the Fifth Canto, he exquisitely describes the story of Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini, illicit lovers killed by Francesca's husband,(More)
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