Essam Othman

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AIM To highlight the coexistence of a uterine septum in cases diagnosed as bicornuate uterus on the basis of the external shape of the uterine fundus and to present the outcomes of its hysteroscopic management. METHODS Descriptive clinical report. Cases with two-chambered uterine cavities were recruited with exclusion of cases with pure bicornuate uteri.(More)
We reviewed the clinical, neuropsychiatric, and EEG status of 53 turner syndrome (TS) females, aged 3–16 years, in Assiut university hospitals, Upper Egypt. The diagnosis and care of patients with TS in Egypt is still in the developing stage. Hence this study was undertaken to review the details of patients with TS with respect to the pattern of cognitive,(More)
BACKGROUND Vaginal aplasia occurs in 1 in 5,000-10,000 female live births. In this report, we evaluated a novel dual-force vaginoplasty technique for treatment of 11 patients with segmental vaginal aplasia. TECHNIQUE The principle of the approach is to thin the atretic part between two counteracting forces. The instrument was inserted laparoscopically(More)
OBJECTIVE To study Thy1 as a fibroblast marker, SSEA1 as a marker of intermediate pluripotency, and Oct4 as a marker of established pluripotency in rat model of endometriosis. DESIGN In vivo animal study. MATERIALS AND METHODS Endometriosis was induced in 20 albino female rats through autologous transplantation of one uterine horn to mesentery of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study compares the efficacy of sublingual misoprostol versus intravenous oxytocin in reducing bleeding during and after cesarean delivery. MATERIALS AND METHODS A randomized clinical trial conducted on 120 pregnant women at term (37-40 weeks) gestation scheduled for elective cesarean delivery, who were assigned to either sublingual(More)
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