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Inducing somatic embryogensis from jojoba [Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider] explants to produce artificial seeds in the laboratory (in vitro) may prove highly profitable, as the seeds contain a characteristic liquid wax of economic importance in industry, nutrition and medicine. Thus, there is a need to examine the effect of the factors involved in(More)
Whey was used for preparation of a fungal rennin from a strain of Mucor miehei NRRL3420. Fungal rennin was isolated, partial purified and use as adequate calf rennet substitute. So, Mucor miehei NRRL 3420 was cultured to produce microbial rennet using two types of media, both with micronutrients, one with glucose and another with lactose from deproteinized(More)
The availability of nitrogen, lysine and nine essential amino acids was determined in rice flour and cooked rice. Lysine availability was determined by the growth response method using regression analysis of body weight gain or moisture gain against lysine consumed from rice flour and cooked rice. The results show a good correlation between lysine consumed(More)
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