Essaadi Ismail

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BACKGROUND Breast cancer is the first cancer in women both in incidence and mortality. The treatment of breast cancer benefited from the progress of chemotherapy and targeted therapies, but there was a parallel increase in treatment costs. Despite a relatively high incidence of many sites of cancer, so far, there is no national register for this disease in(More)
INTRODUCTION The pituitary gland is an uncommon site for metastases, in particular from rhabdomyosarcoma. Some authors have reported a recent increase in the incidence of metastases at infrequent sites, such as brain or bone, probably due to the expanded treatment options and the resulting improved survival. Treatment options are limited, but must be(More)
Few studies have been conducted in the Eastern Mediterranean region on chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection with reference to genotypes. We investigated the response to standard combination therapy (pegylated interferon/ribavirin) of different genotypes of HCV in Kuwaiti patients and factors that could be associated with sustained virological response(More)
Splenic abcess is an uncommon complication for cancer treatment. It occurs more frequently in immunocompromised patients. They are characterized by high mortality. The classic triad (fever, pain of the left hypochondrium, and sensitive mass left) is only present in one-third of cases the clinical spectrum ranging from no symptoms to events such as fever,(More)
groups. The authors concluded that nebulized magnesium before the induction of anaesthesia is an effective method for decreasing the incidence of POST and are to be commended for presenting a novel prophylactic treatment for a familiar problem. I would like to highlight the following issues regarding POST. As the authors discussed, POST is a common cause of(More)
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