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Healthcare applications that have access control, disclosure management and or privacy enforcement requirements may implement the respective solutions to these issues at the application level or at the database level or in both. Unfortunately, there are technical and non-technical factors that influence what can be done. In this paper we present a flexible,(More)
The proper protection of personal information is increasingly becoming an important issue in an age where misuse of personal information and identity theft are widespread. At times there is a need however for management or statistical purposes based on personal information in aggregated form. The k-anonymization technique has been developed to de-associate(More)
Privacy and personal information have penetrated all forms of todaypsilas business transactions such as banking and e-commerce to new forms of socializing online such as Facebook, to ones own health records. In protecting such sensitive & private data several initiatives have been created in various forms from legislation, PIPEDA to policies such as(More)
The importance of electronic healthcare has caused numerous changes in both substantive and procedural aspects of healthcare processes. These changes have produced new challenges for patient privacy and information secrecy. Traditional privacy policies cannot respond to rapidly increased privacy needs of patients in electronic healthcare. Technically(More)
The aim of the Cerif4Datasets (C4D) project is to use CERIF to capture the metadata of research datasets, and integrate this metadata with that held on research projects and research outputs available on a central CERIF cloud. CERIF has so far concentrated on the core entities of organisations, people and publications and has some provisions for research(More)
Kuwait is aspiring to be amongst the top countries in the world in the provision of healthcare services to its people. To do this, issues surrounding information availability, data security, and data privacy must be addressed. Hospitals struggle with providing access to (possibly sensitive and critical) data at the right levels, at the right time, while(More)
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