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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The results of class prediction and the determination of prognostic markers in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) have been variably reported. Apart from biological variations, this may be caused by differences in laboratory techniques, scoring definitions and inter- and intra-observer variation. In this study, an international(More)
6502 Background: Despite high overall response rates, indolent NHL is characterized by continuous relapse. E1496 evaluated the ability of two years (yr) of maintenance rituximab to prolong progression-free survival (PFS, progression or death) after chemotherapy. METHODS Eligible patients (pt) included stage III-IV follicular grade 1 and 2 (small cleaved,(More)
The intestinal oxidative metabolism of hexamethylmelamine (HMM) and pentamethylmelamine (PMM) has been studied in microsomes, isolated mucosal cells and intestinal perfused segments. (sub) Cellular systems revealed an almost equal Km (53-65 microM) and Vmax (5.6-7.0 nmol min-1 g-1 intestine) for both compounds. Detailed studies in everted intestinal(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to aid in the standardization of lymphoscintigraphy for detecting the sentinel node (SN) in breast cancer using Tc-99m-labeled nanocolloidal albumin. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred twenty-three women with proved breast cancer were enrolled. Four injections of 10 to 15 MBq (0.27 to 0.41 mCi) Tc-99m nanocolloid in(More)
We showed in a phase I trial that the maximum tolerated dose of the ProMACE-CytaBOM regimen in patients with aggressive lymphoma was 200% (Gordon et al, J Clin Oncol 14:1275, 1996). Based on these observations, we initiated a phase II trial designed to determine response, toxicity, and dose intensity using this regimen. We analyzed 74 patients with(More)
Objective. The aim of this study is to analyze whether the axillary status influences the lymphatic mapping procedure in malignant breast disease and whether clinically relevant consequences for the technique of Sentinel Node (SN) biopsy may be drawn from this information. Materials and methods. SN biopsy was performed in 150 consecutive patients using a(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer pain is highly prevalent and commonly undertreated. This study was designed to determine whether dissemination of a clinical protocol for pain management would improve outcomes in community oncology practices. PATIENTS AND METHODS A pain management protocol was developed based on accepted guidelines. After baseline assessment, oncology(More)
In patients suffering from paralysis of a major synergistic muscle group tendon transfers can be considered the therapy of choice in restoring the mobility of the affected joint(s). In order to study the mechanisms underlying the subsequent reversal of function in the transferred muscles, we have recorded the EMG of several forearm muscles in parallel and(More)
Twenty-two premature lambs (gestational age 124–125 days, term 144–160 days) were intubated and supported by infant ventilators immediately after delivery. Respiratory rate was 60/min, inspiratory time 0.4s, peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) 35 cm H2O, positive endexpiratory pressure (PEEP) 2 cm H2O, FiO2 1.0. 15 min after delivery 10 lambs (group 1) were(More)
Transcutaneous application of low-frequency electric current in the treatment of partially or temporarily denervated striated muscles is widely used to prevent or treat muscular atrophy. Due to the high regenerative capacity of smooth-muscle cells, this approach should be beneficial in the treatment of diseases with smooth-muscle degeneration due to partial(More)