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This paper presents a time-efficient, task-based configuration synthesis algorithm for modular robot manipulators. One of the main challenges in modular manipulators is to find possible combinations of modules that are able to complete given tasks while avoiding obstacles in the environment. Most studies on modular robots focus on obtaining combinations of(More)
This paper is concerned with path planning of highly redundant manipulators, which are particularly well suited for flexible manufacturing. We envision that highly redundant manipulators will be composed of a set of standard modules. In order to find the optimal configuration of modules, one has to perform a discrete search on possible assemblies of modules(More)
The ongoing trend of increasing product individualization requires more flexible solutions in production systems. Modular robots address this demand since they can be assembled in different ways from a given set of modules. One of the reasons why modular robots are not yet successfully introduced in the market is that it is not clear how to assemble modules(More)
Main objective of this study is to investigate the thermal behavior of ceramic laminate veneer restorations of the maxillary central incisor with different incisal preparations such as butt joint and palatinal chamfer using finite element method. In addition, it is also aimed to understand the effect of different thermal loads which simulates hot and cold(More)
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