Esra Betul Koc Ozturk

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1 Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Cankiri Karatekin, Cankiri 18100, Turkey 2 School of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences, Arizona State University, Room PSA442, Tempe, AZ 85287-1804, USA 3Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences and Art, University of Kırıkkale, Kırıkkale 71450, Turkey 4University of Kragujevac, Faculty(More)
Mn<sup>4+</sup> doped and Pr<sup>3+,4+</sup>, Sm<sup>3+</sup>, Gd<sup>3+</sup>, Tb<sup>3+,4+</sup>, Ho<sup>3+</sup>, Er<sup>3+</sup>, Tm<sup>3+</sup> and Yb<sup>3+</sup> co-doped MgAl<sub>2</sub>Si<sub>2</sub>O<sub>8</sub>-based phosphors were prepared by conventional solid state synthesis at 1300 &#x00B0;C. They were characterized by thermogravimetry (TG),(More)
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