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  • E. Akbas
  • 2008
Most of available web filters especially parental controls work inline meaning that all outgoing and incoming packets are passed through a filter driver. This approach widely used in parental control applications because they mostly use blacklist, whitelist approach and defense of the applications to bypass the filter easily. Online content filtering along(More)
Online social network analysis has attracted great attention with a vast number of users sharing information and availability of APIs that help to crawl online social network data. In this paper, we study the research studies that are helpful for user characterization as online users may not always reveal their true identity or attributes. We especially(More)
Cells maintain cellular homeostasis employing different regulatory mechanisms to respond external stimuli. We study two groups of signal-dependent transcriptional regulatory mechanisms. In the first group, we assume that repressor and activator proteins compete for binding to the same regulatory site on DNA (competitive mechanisms). In the second group,(More)
As the type and the number of such venues increase, automated analysis of sentiment on textual resources has become an essential data mining task. In this paper, we investigate the problem of mining opinions by extracting aspects of entities on the collection of informal short texts. Both positive and negative sentiment strength of texts are detected. We(More)
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