Esperanza Caceres

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a major chronic demyelinating and inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (CNS) in which oxidative stress likely plays a pathogenic role in the development of myelin and neuronal damage. Metallothioneins (MTs) are antioxidant proteins induced in the CNS by tissue injury, stress and some neurodegenerative diseases, which(More)
To determine the interactions between endurance training and hypoxia on maximal exercise performance, we performed a study on sedentary high-altitude natives who were trained in normoxia at the same relative (n = 10) or at the same absolute (n = 10) intensity of work as hypoxia-trained subjects (n = 10). The training-induced improvement of maximal oxygen(More)
We examined the effects of 1 h of coca chewing on metabolic and hormonal responses during incremental exercise to exhaustion in traditional coca chewers (C; n = 8), and the results were compared with a group of nonchewers (n = 13). For 1 h, C chewed approximately 12 g of coca leaves that resulted in the apparition of cocaine in blood that reached 72 +/- 9(More)
The effects of coca chewing on prolonged submaximal exercise responses were investigated in chronic coca chewers and compared with a group of nonchewers. At rest, coca chewing during a 1-h period was followed by a significant increase in blood glucose, free fatty acid, and norepinephrine concentrations and a significant reduction in insulin plasma level.(More)
BACKGROUND Agriculturalists in less-developed countries (LDC) have lower progesterone levels than urban industrialized populations. However, it is unknown if urban LDC populations are also relatively lower. We tested whether urban Bolivia samples-poorer (Bol-p) and better-off (Bol-b)-have lower progesterone than a Chicago (USA) sample, and whether(More)
Among the most common reasons given for discontinued use of some contraceptive methods is a disturbance in the menstrual cycle, particularly changes in vaginal bleeding. Work to date suggests marked populational variation in menses duration, but few data have been collected from South America. This longitudinal study of non-contracepting Aymara women (n =(More)
Testosterone (T) plays a key role in the increase and maintenance of muscle mass and bone density in adult men. Life history theory predicts that environmental stress may prompt a reallocation of such investments to those functions critical to survival. We tested this hypothesis in two studies of rural Bolivian adult men by comparing free T levels and(More)
The forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV), and ratio of FEV to FVC (%FEV) of 161 male and 158 female youths of European ancestry who were born at high altitudes and who were residing in La Paz, Bolivia (average altitude of 3,600 m) were examined and compared with those for lowland Europeans and highland Aymara(More)
The physical growth of urban Aymara children residing in La Paz, Bolivia (3,600 m) is described and compared with Amerindian children residing at low and high altitudes and with low-altitude U.S. children. The sample consists of 227 males (10.6-19.7 yr) and 219 females (11.2-19.8 yr). The urban La Paz children were taller at all ages than rural high(More)
 The present study was undertaken to determine the haematological and cardiovascular status, at rest and during prolonged (1 h) submaximal exercise (approximately 70% of peak oxygen uptake) in a group (n = 12) of chronic coca users after chewing approximately 50 g of coca leaves. The results were compared to those obtained in a group (n = 12) of nonchewers.(More)