Esme Janse van Rensburg

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Antigen-specific proliferation is a critical function of memory T cells that is often utilised to measure vaccine immunogenicity and T cell function. We proposed that measurement of intracellular expression of the nuclear protein, Ki67, could reliably assess specific T cell proliferation in vitro. Ki67 was expressed in CD4+ and CD8+ T cells that had(More)
A result of Milnor 1] states that the innmum of the total curvature of a tame knot K is given by 2(K), where (K) is the crookedness of the knot K. It is also known that (K)=b(K), where b(K) is the bridge index of K 2]. The situation appears to be quite diierent for knots realised as polygons in the cubic lattice. We study the total curvature of lattice(More)
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