Esmaeilzadeh Mahdi

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The peoples and countries of the Third World are struggling to overcome the effects of centuries of colonial dependency and unequal world relationships. These effects can be seen clearly in the area of human health. For example, of the 1978 world total of 17 million early childhood deaths (i.e., those under five years of age) around 97% took place in the(More)
The hen has long held promise as a low-cost, high-yield bioreactor for the production of human biopharmaceuticals in egg whites using genetic engineering. Recently finding appeared indicating the production of substantial levels of human monoclonal and single chain antibodies (O 3mg and O 150 mg, respectively) in eggs of transgenic hens. These promising(More)
Replication-defective retroviral vectors are currently the most efficient gene transfer method for the production of transgenic animals. Transgenic animals have become important tools for biological research. In vertebrates, foreign DNA is routinely introduced into the genome by microinjection into newly fertilized zygotes. . Necrosis virus-based SNTZ(More)
BACKGROUND Anthropometry is the biologic science of human body measurement. Craniofacial anthropometry discusses the characteristics on the measures of different soft and hard tissues of the head and face, and it is considered an important paraclinical record for the growth and development of the index and also for the diagnosis and curing orthodontic(More)
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