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In order to reduce mismatch error of a DAC used in a multibit delta-sigma some dynamic element matching (DEM) algorithms have been proposed before, from which Data-Weighted-Averaging (DWA) method is more hardware efficient and widely used. Unfortunately, DWA technique loses its functionalities for periodic signals which cannot be practically avoided. Many(More)
— A robust and hardware efficient dynamic element matching (DEM) algorithm is developed and used to design a 4 th-order bandpass (BP) mismatch-shaping circuit, moved inside the feedback loop of a 6 th-order bandpass continuous-time delta-sigma modulator. This algorithm is based on a shortened tree-structured scheme (ST DEM) which can assure a stable high(More)
— Resolution of a multibit delta-sigma modulator (DSM) is limited by its internal digital-to-analog converter (DAC) nonlinearity that is usually caused by circuit mismatch errors while realizing. Recently, some dynamic element matching (DEM) methods were proposed for reducing mismatch errors. Two main difficulties of different dynamic element matching (DEM)(More)
Dynamic Element Matching (DEM) techniques for Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) is an effective approach to achieving good linearity in an oversampling Delta Sigma Modulator (DSM). There are different DEM implementation algorithms from which, Data weighted averaging (DWA) is more suitable due to its reasonable good performance and hardware efficiency.(More)
An ultra-wideband low noise amplifier is presented in this paper. The current-reuse technique is used to get the desired results with lower power consumption. Input impedance matching of 50 Ω is provided by a common-gate through resistive feedthrough stage all-entire the 3-11GHz band of interest. Second stage is used to get a good flatness and high(More)
A dual mode re-configurable Delta Sigma Modulator (DSM) for ultrasonic applications is presented in this article. The proposed modulator handles two operating modes: B-mode and Continuous Wave (CW) Doppler mode. For B-mode operation a low pass modulator was designed which was modified by Noise Shaping Enhancement (NSE) technique. It achieves 71.7 dB (Signal(More)
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