Esmaeel Rokrok

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This paper proposed a novel technique based on biogeography-based optimization (BBO) algorithm in order to optimal placement and sizing of distinct types of Distributed Generation (DG) units in the distribution networks which is applied to improve voltage profile as the main factor for power quality improvement and reduce power losses. In order to promote(More)
Environmental concerns along with the increasing demand on electrical power, have led to power generation of renewable sources like wind. Connecting wind turbines in large scale powers with transmission network makes new challenges like the impact of these renewable sources on power system protection. This paper studies the impact of fault resistance and(More)
Received May 23, 2015 Revised July 13, 2015 Accepted August 2, 2015 A new distributed generation placement method based on biogeographybased optimization (BBO) is investigated in this paper. A significant novelty of this study lies in considering fuzzy load uncertainty. For this purpose a fuzzy backwardforward sweep load flow is proposed. The main(More)
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