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In this study, it has been intended to analyze Electroencephalography (EEG) signals by Wavelet Transform (WT) for diagnosis of epilepsy, to employ various Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) for the signals’ automatic classification. Furthermore, carrying out a performance comparison has been aimed. Three EEG signals have been decomposed into frequency sub(More)
The main purpose of the present study is to investigate the possible application of decision tree in landslide susceptibility assessment. The study area having a surface area of 174.8 km locates at the northern coast of the Sea of Marmara and western part of Istanbul metropolitan area. When applying data mining and extracting decision tree, geological(More)
In this study, it has been intended to perform an automatic classification of Electroencephalography (EEG) signals via Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and to investigate these signals using Wavelet Transform (WT) for diagnosing epilepsy syndrome. EEG signals have been decomposed into frequency sub-bands using WT and a set of feature vectors which were(More)
The electrical, optical, and metal-semiconductor contact properties of the polyaniline prepared by emulsion polymerization have been investigated to obtain an organic semiconductor material. The obtained results suggest that the polyaniline (PANI) studied is an organic semiconductor material with optical band gap (E(g) = 2.21 eV) and room electrical(More)
Nitro-explosives contain reducible aromatic -NO2 groups or cyclic >N-NO2 bonds that may undergo reductive cleavage. This work reports the development of a cyclic voltammetric (CV) assay for nitro-aromatics (trinitrotoluene (TNT), dinitrotoluene (DNT)) and nitramines (1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazacyclohexane (RDX) and(More)
D- or L-aspartic acid containing polyacrylamides were synthesized. Binary and ternary complex formation between these polymers with copper and bovine serum albumin was studied by spectroscopic and electrochemical measurement. Depending on the ratio of the polymer/copper and protein/polymer, the mixture exhibited water-soluble and insoluble character. A(More)
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